Special Buoys


  • Shapes have no significance.
  • May be lettered - no numbers.
  • Cautionary, scientific and anchorage buoys may display a yellow "X" topmark.
  • Yellow lights - flash (Fl) 4s (if equipped).
  • Retroreflective material of the same colour as required markings. White buoys will display yellow material.
Cautionary Anchorage Mooring

cautionary.jpg (3303 bytes)

A cautionary buoy marks dangers such as firing ranges, underwater pipelines, race courses, seaplane bases and areas where no through channel exists.

Coloured yellow, displays identification letter(s).

May display a yellow "X" topmark.

Yellow light, flash (Fl) 4s (if equipped).


anchorage.jpg (3738 bytes)

An anchorage buoy marks the perimeter of designated anchorage areas; consult the chart for water depth.

mooring2.jpg (2920 bytes)

A mooring buoy is used for mooring or securing vessels; be aware that a vessel may be secured to such a buoy.

Information Hazard Control

information.jpg (3679 bytes)

An information buoy displays information
such as locality, marina, campsite, etc.; Be
guided by the information illustrated within the orange square.

Coloured white. Yellow flashing light, (Fl) 4s, if equipped.


hazard.jpg (3740 bytes)

A hazard buoy marks random hazards such as shoals and rocks. Information concerning the hazard is illustrated within the orange diamond.

Coloured white. Yellow flashing light (Fl) 4s, if equipped.


control.jpg (3868 bytes)

A control buoy indicates speed limits, wash restrictions, etc.; Obey the restrictions illustrated within the orange circle.

Coloured white. Yellow flashing light (Fl) 4s, if equipped.


Keep Out Scientific (ODAS) Diving
keepout.jpg (3860 bytes) scientif.jpg (2063 bytes) diving.jpg (1817 bytes)

A keep out buoy marks areas in which boats are prohibited.

Coloured white. Yellow flashing light (Fl)4s, if equipped.

An ocean data acquisition system buoy collects meteorological and other scientific data.

A diving buoy marks an area where scuba or other such diving activity is in progress. Not normally charted.

Coloured white, with a red flag and diagonal white stripe, not less than 50 centimetres square.

Flashing yellow light (Fl)4s, if equipped.


Swimming Diving Vessel
swimming.jpg (1589 bytes)

A swimming buoy marks the perimeter of swimming areas. May not be charted.

Coloured white. Flashing yellow light (Fl) 4s, if equipped.

All vessels engaged in diving operations are required to display the code flag "A".