Test Protocol

Procedures to be followed before the test

Verify identity and age of each candidate.

The maximum duration of the test is 75 minutes.

The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. A mark of at least 75%
(38 out of 50) correct answers is required to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Details for completing a particular exam are detailed in the exam booklet. The exam proctor will provide interpretation if required.

Procedures to be followed during the test

Do not communicate with any person other than the person administering the test.

a) No talking to anyone except the exam proctor.
b) Cell phones or any other electronic device must not be active or visible during the exam.
c) The exam proctor will answer questions of interpretation or meaning only.
d) Candidates are seated so that no adjacent exams are the same.
e) Any candidate violating the rules just mentioned will be asked to leave the test site and their answers will be rejected for this test.

For a classroom course, the examination is "open-book".

a) Examination aids are allowed, including the course manual, course notes, and other reference material.

Do not copy or remove from the test site or send to anyone, the test or any portion of it.

All issued examinations, answer sheets and work paper will be accounted for.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

No candidate may take a test more than once in one day.

The ratio of candidates to persons administering the test shall not
exceed 20 to 1.

A copy of the test protocol shall be available at the test site for consultation, including an inspection by an agent of Transport Canada.