Posted Command Signs

Posted command signs or warning signs include:

  • no wake zone signs
  • no anchorage area signs
  • speed limit zone signs
  • low head dam hazard signs
  • power line hazard signs
  • pipe line hazard signs

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Standardized speed limit
(normally 5,10,25,40,55)


Certain provinces have adopted a restriction to limit speed to 10 km/h within 30 metres from shore on all waters within their boundaries, except for:

  1. water-skiing, where the vessel follows a trajectory perpendicular to the shore; or

  2. within an area designated by buoys as an area where another speed is permitted; or

  3. in rivers of less than 100 m in width; or

  4. in waters where another speed is prescribed under the Regulations.

This limit is not necessarily posted. As of year 2009, this restriction applies in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario and the inland waters of Nova Scotia and British Columbia.