Course Content and Structure

Course Content

This course complies with the Boating Safety Course and Test Syllabus published by Transport Canada.

The standard defines 10 categories of boating knowledge that the operator of a pleasure craft should be aware of. This is further broken down into two hundred and fifty-six separate knowledge requirements.

For example, a knowledge requirement could be "know that 'bow' means the forward part of a pleasure craft".

This computer tutorial will attempt to present all two hundred and fifty-six knowledge requirements for your understanding.

Course Structure

The course can be presented in two different modes.

  • The student will review the contents of this computer driven tutorial a number of times.  A designated Proctor will supervise a multiple-choice examination and return the examination to Aqua Safe for grading.

  • For local scouting groups a number of classroom sessions may be presented, using the contents of this computer driven tutorial with a display projector and other classroom teaching aids. On water sessions may also be arranged to give the student practical experience.   A multiple-choice examination will be given at the end of the course.