At the end of the course, you must complete an examination.

The test will consist of 50 multiple choice questions. An example is demonstrated below.

To pass the exam you are required to answer at least seventy-five percent
(38 out of 50) of the questions correctly.

You may not attempt more than one examination in a single day.


Multiple choice question

A multiple choice question consists of a question or partial statement of fact and four possible answers. There is only one correct answer.     Here is an example.

  1. A "diver down" buoy indicates that skin diving is in progress. Which letter below describes the flag on top of the white floating buoy ?
    2. a blue flag
    3. an orange flag with a circular black ball in the center
    4. a red flag with a diagonal white stripe
    5. a black flag with a white skull and cross bones


The correct answer is:   1 - C,



Exam Hints and Strategy