Criminal Offences


There are laws in the Criminal Code of Canada related to pleasure craft and the operation of a vessel.

Violations can result in charges being laid under the Criminal Code of Canada.

You should be aware of the following sections in the Criminal Code of Canada for this course.

The topics below are summarized in a table.

  Disobeying a Statute Section 126 04.00#00
  Dangerous Operation Section 249 04.01#00
  Water Skiing Section 250 04.02#00
  Unseaworthy Vessel Section 251 04.03#00
  Failure to Stop at an Accident Section 252 04.04#00
  Alcohol,   Drugs,   Impaired Operation Section 253 04.05#00
  Failure to Provide Sample Section 254, 255 04.06#00
  Operating a Vessel While Disqualified Section 259 04.07#00
  Sending a False Message Section 372 04.08#00
  Tying up to a Buoy Section 439 04.09#00