Canadian Aids to Navigation System (CANS)

Various buoys, beacons and signs are known as "Aids to Navigation" or "Navigation Aids".

They are devices or systems external to the pleasure craft that help the operator of a pleasure craft to determine position and course. They also warn the operator of dangers or obstructions, or show the best or preferred route.

Be alert when you see a Navigation Aid. It's there for a reason. Examine your charts for hazards, and always be aware of your approximate location.

The major types of Navigation Aids are indicated below.

When you study each type, make note of shapes, colours, topmark details, numbering systems and flashing light details.

Click on each item below for details of each type of Navigation Aid

  Lateral buoys 08.01#00
  Standard day beacons 08.02#00
  Cardinal buoys 08.03#00
  Special buoys 08.04#00
  Posted command signs 08.05#00
  Bifurcation buoys 08.06#00
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