Boating Course Review

  Navigation Aids   Pleasure Craft Terminology
  Boating Restriction Regulations   Licensing
  Engine Power and Load Capacity   Criminal Code
  PFD and Lifejackets   Sound and Light Signals
  Hypothermia   Speed Restrictions
  Lights and Shapes,
  Questions 1 - 5
  Lights and Shapes,
  Questions 6 - 10
  Standard Daybeacons   Cardinal Buoys
  Special Buoys   Lateral Buoys
  Weather Review   Local Hazards
  Trip Plan   Loading
  Safety Equipment, Pyrotechnic,
  Anchor Review
  Legal Review   Canada Shipping Act
  Pyrotechnics   Charts and Nautical Publications
  Prevention of Collisions at Sea   Conduct in any Condition of Visibilty
  Conduct in Sight of Other Vessels   Additional Provisions
  Carriage of Safety Equipment   Back to Boating Course