Sharing the Waterways

This section provides information on the day to day operation of a pleasure craft so that you will in operate in safe manner while sharing the waters with due consideration to other vessels, people and property, and the environment.

In some cases, the topic will just be mentioned and reference given to a different section in the course where the topic is covered in detail.

  Determining a Safe Speed 07.01#00
  Comply with Boating Restrictions 03.04#00
  Proper Look-Out 03.13#00
  Using Sound Signalling Devices 03.16#00
  Right of Way Rules 07.05#00
  Sailboats, Fishing Vessels, Canoes 07.06#00
  Shipping Lanes,   Large Vessels,   Narrow Channels 07.07#00
  Ferries,   Vessel in Tow 07.08#00

Use Courtesy and Common Sense

  Reduction of Engine Noise 07.09#00
  Avoid Motor/Propeller Strikes,   Diving Operations 07.10#00
  Swimmers,   Property,   Environment,   Wake 07.11#00
  Prevent Pollution 07.12#00
  Avoid Whales 07.13#00

Display Correct Navigation Lights from Sunset to Sunrise or During Periods of Reduced Visibility

  Navigation Lights 06.15#00

Identify Vessels by Their Lights

  Recognition of Vessels by Their Lights 06.15#00