PFD and Lifejacket Review

 1. How do you test a PFD or lifejacket ?
A Attach a weight of 90 pounds and see if it floats.
B Check the label to see if it is approved by Transport Canada.
C Wear it in chest-deep water.   Bend your knees and float on your back. If your chin is above water and you can breathe properly, it is OK.
D Examine the PFD or lifejacket closely and ensure that the buttons, clips and fasteners close securely.
 2. Who can approve PFDs and lifejackets ?
A The Canadian Coast Guard.
B The Department of Transport.
C The R.C.M.P.
D Any local law enforcement agency.
 3. When does the approved status of a PFD become void ?
A When a night beacon light is attached.
B When washed with soap and water.
C When repaired or altered.
D 10 years from date of manufacture.
 4. What is the correct way to maintain a PFD or lifejacket ?
A Wash with strong detergent and dry in direct sunlight.
B Take to a dry cleaner.
C Remove dirt and grease with gasoline. Dry with a hair dryer.
D Wash with mild soap or running water. Dry in open air away from direct sunlight.