Fueling, Engine Start-up

Fire and possibly explosions, or harm to the marine environment, can result from improper fueling procedures.

You should be aware of the following procedure when fueling any vessel fitted with a gasoline or diesel engine.

  1. moor the craft securely
  2. shut down all engines
  3. persons not involved in fueling should be on shore
  4. extinguish all open flames
  5. do not smoke in fueling area
  6. switch off all electrical equipment
  7. close all doors, windows and ports
  8. move portable tanks ashore
  9. ground nozzle against filler pipe
  10. do not over fill tank to prevent overflow
  11. clean up spillage
  12. activate ventilation in engine compartment for four minutes by the exhaust fan (blower) before the engine is started
  13. check for fuel vapour odours