Loading Review

1. Which diagram below shows a boat that is properly loaded ?
 2. The Capacity Plate shows the gross load capacity for the vessel in addition to maximum engine power. What is the defintion for gross load capacity ?
A the weight that will lower the vessel below the water line.
B the weight of the vessel.
C the maximum weight allowed for all items on board, including persons, equipment, and fuel.
D the weight of the engine and fuel carried.
3. Which method below would you use to properly load a canoe ?
A stack the heaviest items in the centre of the canoe where the support is strongest.
B position the heaviest person at the bow with most of the equipment behind that person.
C adjust the load so that it is high and slightly behind the mid-point of the canoe.
D evenly distribute the weight of equipment and persons along the length of the canoe, keeping all items secure and as low as possible.