Trip Plan Review

 1. Why should you file a Trip Plan ?
A to impress friends with the places you plan to visit.
B to record the weather conditions.
C to alert large craft in shipping lanes of your intentions.
D so that Search and Rescue will know where to begin a search if your craft does not return on time.
 2. What information should a Trip Plan contain ?
A the amount of food on board.
B the location of fire extinguishers.
C the number of people on board.
D brand name on depth sounder
 3. What item below is not of particular use in a Trip Plan ?
A weight of anchor.
B name and license number of pleasure craft.
C departure time, time of return, proposed route.
D safety equipment carried.
 4. Why is it important to update a Trip Plan if your trip is extended ?
A so that the Trip Plan holder can pick up your mail.
B to maintain the insurance on your boat.
C to avoid an unnecessary Search and Rescue call.
D to notify other boats of your intentions.