Sound and Light Signals Review

 1. Which signal indicates distress and need of assistance ?
A Both arms held up in the shape of a "V" above your head.
B Arms crossed across chest forming an "X".
C Right hand raised above head and rotated in a circle.
D Both arms outstretched to the side and slowly raised up and down.
 2. Which signal represents the International Code Signal of distress ?




 3. Collision Regulations require any vessel under 12 meters to:
A carry a satellite telephone.
B carry a small hand gun.
C carry a means of making an efficent sound signal.
D carry warming blankets for hypothermia treatment.
 4. In an area of restricted visibility, day or night, a pleasure craft operator may:
A indicate presence by sounding a combination of short and prolonged blasts on a sound signalling appliance or whistle.
B indicate presence by firing a flare pistol.
C indicate presence by holding a red hand flare.  
D indicate presence by signalling the Morse Code letter "P"  . - - .   with a flash light.

Make sure you understand the other methods of signalling distress and need of assistance. You may be examined on any of the signals in the Safe Boating Test.