Criminal Code of Canada Review

 1. What does the Criminal Code have to say about water skiers ?:
A Water skiers must wear bright clothing.
B Water skiers may not be towed after dark.
C Water skiers must be over 12 years of age.
D Water skiers must possess a swimming certificate.
 2. What else does the Criminal Code have to say about water skiing ?
A You must carry a regulation first aid kit.
B Boat speed must not exceed 20 kilometers per hour.
C You must have a person onboard, other than the operator, to keep an eye on the skier.
D The boat must fly a blue and white flag while towing a skier.
 3. Which of the following contravenes the Criminal Code
A Attaching a mooring line to a starboard hand buoy.
B Exceeding a speed of 60 kilometers per hour.
C Drinking a non-alcoholic beverage while operating a pleasure craft.
D Tracking on a range beacon after sunset.