Cardinal Buoy Review

 1. Name the navigation aid displayed.

A east cardinal buoy.
B south cardinal buoy.
C starboard hand buoy.
D west cardinal buoy.
2. Which is a correct light flash pattern for a south cardinal buoy ?

A 3 flashes every 10 seconds
B 6 flashes, 1 long flash in 15 seconds.
C 9 flashes every 15 seconds.
D continuous flashes, 1 per second.
3. Select the "topmark" for an west cardinal buoy.

4. The safest location, if you see a north cardinal buoy is:

A   to the south.
B   to the north.
C   at least 10 meters away.
D   at least 50 meters away.
5. What are the colours, from top to bottom, for an east cardinal buoy ?

A   black - red - black.
B   black - yellow.
C   black - yellow - black.
D   yellow - black - yellow.
6. Which is the light flash pattern for a west cardinal buoy ?

A 6 very quick flashes and 1 long flash
at intervals of 10 seconds
 (VQ(6) + LFl) 10s .
B 3 very quick flashes every 5 seconds
 VQ(3) 5s .
C 9 very quick flashes every 10 seconds
 VQ(9) 10s .
D continuous very quick flashes
 (VQ) .5s .